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HP Kinkfest begins posting in just a couple of days. We have a terrific fest lined up for you with an amazing eighty sign ups and a huge variation of kinks and pairings. We can’t wait to see the amazing content you all produce and thank you for making the tenth year of this fest a spectacularly kinky one! We will be posting a daily round-up of fanworks posted every day here, on the @hpkinkfest tumblr and at HP Kinkfest on LiveJournal, together with reblogging any tumblr posts created by those who use tumblr. Because the tumblr blog has been flagged following the changes in TOS, you may experience problems tagging us so we require the link to your tumblr post in order to reblog.

For all participants please remember do not post your work before your posting date (other than as an unposted draft) and please remember to email us links to your tumblr posts (if any) and your fanwork on AO3 so we can include your fanworks in the round up. If you have any questions please contact us via email. We can’t wait for this round to start. 

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The draft posting schedule for HP Kinkfest 2019 has been circulated to all participants via email.

Participants, please check your emails and ensure your posting date works. This is a self-posting fest so you will need to be available to post your own completed fanwork on the assigned date. You only need to contact us if you cannot post on your assigned date. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you’re good to go.

For those still considering signing up to participate in the fest, please note that due to an overwhelming interest in the fest this year any additional claims from this point onwards will be scheduled for Week 3 of posting (11 March - 17 March) so please keep that in mind if you wish to sign up. If it is absolutely impossible for you to post in that week and you had planned to take part but have not yet signed up, please contact the moderators, Writcraft and Kitty Fic, at and we might be able to work out a way to help you participate.

You can still sign up for the fest via Google Form if you wish to do so HERE

Thank you to everybody for your enthusiasm and support of the fest. It’s going to be a KINKY few weeks and we CAN’T WAIT.
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We are delighted to announce that claiming is now open for ROUND TEN of HARRY POTTER KINKFEST. The full rules and FAQs can be found HERE. The full prompting list can be found HERE.


1. You must be 18 or over to claim a prompt and create for this fest.

2. Claiming by proxy is allowed. If you are claiming by proxy please complete the form as if you are the participant.

3. You may claim a prompt someone else has submitted or create for your own prompt. If you are creating for your own prompt please indicate ship and kink for scheduling purposes.

4. You can list up to three prompts you would like to claim in order of preference, so we can assign you second or third choices in the event your first choice is no longer available. You are under no obligation to list more than one, however.

5. When selecting your preferred prompts please keep in mind that this year we are asking that squicks/triggers in the optional extras section and pairing preferences are observed by participants. For example, if the prompter has asked for ‘Sex Magic’, ‘Harry/Draco’ and ‘no non-con or dub-con’ we ask that you respect both the pairing and the request for no non-con/dub-con. There are plenty of prompts with no content restrictions or open pairings and in the unlikely event you can’t find a prompt with the pairing or open content you require, you are free to create for your own prompt.

6. Each prompt can be claimed twice. Once for FIC and once for ART.

7. You can sign up as a team, whether as collaborating authors, artists or author/artist. Please just include details of all collaborators in the sign up.

8. When you sign up you will be asked to state your preferred posting week. We will then assign you a posting date. This is your due date and you will be responsible for posting your fanwork to the HP Kinkfest Archive of Our Own Collection on that date. Please do not post your work prior to your posting date.

9. You may claim additional prompts when your first piece is completed. If you wish to claim additional prompts please email your completed fanwork to so we can check your first prompt has been completed and let us know via email which prompt you wish to claim next.

10. The fest is pretty relaxed and we will be accepting sign ups throughout, although you should keep in mind the later the sign up, the less chance there is of getting an early posting date if that is your preference.

11. In the past we have allowed works to post anonymously under the HP Kinkfest moderator account on AO3. Although our preference is that the majority of participants create and post under their usernames and there are just a tiny handful that have posted this way in prior fests, you can contact us at the mod email if this is something you would like to do and we will consider these requests on a case by case basis.

Please note that some prompts are listed in two categories as the possible pairing combinations mean they fall into more than one category. For example a prompt featuring Harry/Draco and Draco/Hermione as possible pairings will be listed under both slash and opposite sex which should be clear from the numbering. When you claim one of those prompts, e.g. #S23./#OS14. it will be marked as claimed (for fic or art as applicable) in both places.

During the initial busy period for claiming, the mods will simply be letting you know via email which prompt you have successfully claimed. In the unlikely event all three of your preferred prompts have been claimed we will ask you to select another option via email. When claiming slows we will put together the posting schedule and will follow up over the course of the following week with confirmation of your posting date. You should not let waiting on this confirmation delay you and you can start working on your piece as soon as you get confirmation that you have been successful in your claim. The fest starts posting on 24 February 2019 and will post for three weeks with two weeks of scheduled posting and a third week 'free for all' to allow participants who missed their posting slots or any last minute participants to join in.

The fest is not anonymous so you are free to talk to people about your claim and the piece of art or fic you plan to create for the fest. A reminder of how to submit your works will be emailed to you nearer to the posting date. Please do not post to the AO3 collection before your posting date.
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Prompting is now closed for HP Kinkfest 2019. Thank you to everybody who left wonderfully varied, kinky prompts. Claiming will open today in five hours time. We had a flurry of early claims last year so we are managing all claims via Google Forms to ensure the claims are all coming in to one place with timestamps should there be any issue with competing claims. It helps us to manage the process more efficiently from the mod email account, so we can respond quickly to participants. You do not need a Google account to submit the form for claiming.

More details on how to claim will go up in the claiming post. In the meantime, please feel free to peruse the very tempting final list of prompts which you can find HERE.
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Prompting is now open for Round 10 of HP Kinkfest. The fest is now in its tenth year which means it has been providing Harry Potter fandom with fabulous kinky goodness for a decade. We're excited to be back for this milestone round and hope you will join in the fun to help us celebrate.

You can leave prompts by commenting on this post, the post on our LiveJournal comm (hp-kinkfest) or by filling out the Google Form HERE. If you wish to prompt anonymously, that’s fine. It’s possible that anonymous journal comments may be screened so please bear with us if that is the case, we can see them and will reveal them when we get to it.

This fest is multi-ship which means any character combination from Harry Potter canon (including Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts) is welcome, and any and all kinks are permitted for this fest. Please be creative, have fun and enjoy the fest and if you see prompts you don’t like, just scroll on and find ones you do.

If you have an idea already we advise that you don’t leave it as a prompt otherwise it will be opened up to general claiming. Simply keep an eye on this community on 9 January for details on how to sign up if you’re writing your own prompt and in the meantime you can leave prompts for other creators if you wish. Prompting places you under no obligation to participate and you do not need to have left prompts in order to claim.

Please copy and paste the template below to leave your prompts. Everybody has a maximum of ten prompts. If you are using the journals to prompt instead of the Google form, please leave each prompt as an individual comment.

The prompting template works as follows:

Kink: name the one primary kink you want showcased, e.g. orgasm denial or spanking or pony play etc.
One to three pairings (or ‘any’): you can list up to three possible pairings (or solo characters or threesomes/moresomes). If you’re flexible you can leave pairings open for the claimant to choose or make a broad suggestion like ‘any femslash’ or ‘any next gen slash’ or ‘Harry Potter/any Trio Gen or older male character’ etc.
Optional Prompt/Extras: this is the place for a more detailed prompt and/or more detailed information about the kink you want to showcase. e.g. for the kink ‘size kink’ you might put ‘I’d love it if Harry is the one with the size kink’ or for the kink ‘bondage’ you might suggest options such as ‘old school ties’
Submitted By: leave your username here if you wish or keep it blank if you would prefer to prompt anonymously

The list of prompts can be found HERE if you’re looking for inspiration. It will be updated at least once every 24 hours during the prompting period.

Prompting closes at Midnight EST / 5am GMT on 8 January.
Claiming opens at Midday EST / 5pm GMT on 9 January.
Posting begins on 24 February and will last for a three week period
Posting is not anonymous and you are responsible for uploading your works to the AO3 collection on your assigned posting date which will be provided to you when you sign up.

Detailed Rules and FAQs can be found HERE. Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with the fest rules if you wish to take part, as the posting rules have changed a little since last year, primarily for ease of running the fest and also to account for the changes in Tumblr policy in 2018. If you have any queries please contact us via email at

Happy Kinking!

Your Kinkfest Mods - Writcraft and Kitty Fic
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Are you BORED of fireworks and New Years Eve revelling? Are you LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO DO? Are you...FEELING KINKY???

Well, good. HARRY POTTER KINKFEST opens for prompting on 2 January and every person can leave up to a maximum of 10 prompts each. No kink too weird or wonderful, no boundaries on your pairings - ships from Fantastic Beasts and Cursed Child canon are also welcome. If you want a bit of Harry Potter/Giant Squid action, this is the place. Does Ron have a size kink? Is Hermione into femdom? Maybe the Hogwarts Staff have monthly swinging parties.

Whatever your pleasure, think up 10 wonderful prompts for this fest which is now in its TENTH YEAR to celebrate a decade of kinky witch and wizard fic. HOORAY.
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[community profile] hpkinkfest 2018 Master List

Thank you everyone for the awesome turnout this year! It was another absolutely fantastic fest with all sorts of kinks, pairings and genres represented.

Below is our 2018 Master List (please let us know if you find any mistakes and we will correct them asap).

2018 HP Kink Fest Master List )

[community profile] hp_kinkfest 2018 Master List

Thank you everyone for the awesome turnout this year! It was another absolutely fantastic fest with all sorts of kinks, pairings and genres represented.

2018 HP Kink Fest Master List )

(please let us know if you find any mistakes and we will correct them asap)
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Title: Shall we dance?
Author/Artist: fic by [personal profile] kitty_fic and art by [profile] anokaba
Kink Showcased: Lingerie
Rating: NC-17
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: A discovery while dancing with Draco at a charity ball, forces Harry to confront his lingering feelings after their one night stand.
Content/Warnings: lingerie, corset, panties, rimming, fingering, prostate, dirty talk, praise kink, dancing, jealousy, getting together, face sitting, big cock, pet names, bottom draco, top harry,
Word Count/Art Medium: ~3k / Digital Art
Author Notes: Thank you SO MUCH to anokaba for agreeing to collab with me! This has been an amazing experience and I can only hope that my words can even partially match up to her fantastic and beautiful art ♥
And as always, a million thank yous to [personal profile] ji_ang for helping me with this! You are an amazing cheerleader, beta, and hand holder extraordinaire, as well as a dear friend!

AO3 | LJ | DW | Tumblr

Shall we dance? )
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Title: Undone
Author: AJ_horn
Prompt Number: H6 submitted by [personal profile] lrthunder
Kink Showcased: Hate sex
Rating: R
Pairing(s):Draco/Hermione (Side Hermione/Ron, Draco/Astoria)
Summary: For Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, life after the war holds nothing of the plans they once made. Malfoy’s freedom came at the price of his dignity and fortune while Hermione’s dream career in magic law is going nowhere. With each subsequent meeting, their hatred-filled desires get out of control.
Warnings: Contains Dominance/submission theme.
Word Count: 7,200
Author's Notes: First, thanks Lrthunder for the prompt. It was a joy to return to my first ship. Also Thanks to K and J for the beta.

Link on Ao3 : Undone
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Title: Claim Me
Author: Drarryismymuse
Prompt: S268
Kink Showcased: Watersports
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Summary: Draco’s particular sexual proclivities started with one significant moment at Hogwarts. Years later, as he indulges himself to the thought of a specific dark-haired, green-eyed stud, the very object of his desire catches him in the act. What happens next could change everything.
Warnings: Attempted Sexual Assault, Non-Consensual Kissing
Word Count: 7,938
Author's Notes: I owe everything, like up to half of my estate AND my firstborn child to my beta, BrandonStrayne on AO3. She has saved my butt on more than one occasion and has been integral to making my stories so much better! I also want to thank the mods of the Kinkfest 2018 for making this happen and being so accommodating to late posters such as myself. I have had a great time with my prompt and deeply appreciate the anon who submitted it!

Link to the fic on AO3: Claim Me
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Title: A Metal Obsession
Author: ethereal_xo (AO3)
Prompt Number: #S132
Kink Showcased: wall sex
Rating: R
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Remus Lupin/Sirius Black
Summary: “He pulled back in a single sharp movement, his eyes wide. Remus was smirking at him. Sirius’ eyes were drawn to a single point on his face - a small, thin, silver ring that circled the middle of Remus’ bottom lip.
He had gotten a piercing.
A piercing.”
Content/Warnings: Anal Sex - Anal Fingering - Piercing Kink - Oral Fixation - Hand Job
Word Count: 2996 words
Author Notes:
Due to some personal issues and technical difficulties, this story was written and posted a lot later than I intended. It’s also not as long as I originally planned it to be, but I hope that it is enjoyable nonetheless.

I’d like to thank the mods of the HP Kinkfest for all the hard work and effort that they have put into this fest! I’d also like to thank the anonymous prompter who requested this. I hope that you like this, even though I added in a kink that took over a little? Kind of?

Anyway - enjoy!

AO3 link: A Metal Obsession
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Title: Quiet Heat
Author: flobberwormadventures (tumblr), Flobberworm (ao3)
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Albus Severus Potter
Kink: praise!kink
Rating: NC-17
Word Count/Medium: 11k
Content/Warnings: blow jobs, anal fingering, first time for albus, age difference
Summary: Albus has been watching Mr Malfoy for a while now. One of the first things that Albus realised about him is that Mr Malfoy rations his attentions. His real attentions. He holds back his words and hoards praise like expensive chocolates, only to be doled out the most deserving, the most loved. Very few people are worthy of Mr Malfoy’s praise. Albus knows this from two years of careful observations. He’s always been careful, and that’s why Mr Malfoy’s recent attentions have been so unexpected.
Author/Artist Notes: For @bixgirl1​ ’s prompt of praise!kink. Love some praise!kink. Sorry the feathers aren’t really incorporated into the sexy times. I DID IT! This completely ran away from me, which was not the plan because this is the first fic I have ever written for the HP fandom, and I really wanted to post on time.Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but at least I managed to get it up before the fest finished.Endless thank you’s to @unicornsandpheonix for the beta and the kind, kind words. You made me feel a bit more confident, and gave me the final push to get it finished!

Link to fic on AO3: Quiet Heat
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Title: Come on my Command
Author: [personal profile] vix_spes 
Prompt Number: own prompt
Kink Showcased: Consensual body modification
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Ron/Severus
Summary: In a move that has shocked even himself, Ron has willingly surrendered to his lover.
Content/Warnings: Additional spanking and breathplay  ... because why not?
Word Count: 1357
Author Notes: Well, it's only taken me four years but this fic is finally done (just in time for the amnesty week to finish) and it can be ticked off my fic-to-do list!

On DW | On AO3
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Title: Overt 
Author: silvered_glass
Prompt Number: S117 - Exhibitionist chicken. The allure of getting caught is driving them closer and closer to pushing the envelope all the way into doing something completely in public.
Kink Showcased: Semi-Public/Public Sex 
Rating: Explicit
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sirius Black/Remus Lupin 
Summary: Sirius thought Remus and him were just messing around. And they are. It’s all fun and distracting and a lot in the best kind of way. It’s just that Remus has this scar by his lips which Sirius can’t leave alone, and Remus seems very okay with the idea of Sirius not leaving it alone, especially when they are - not alone.
Content/Warnings: Public Sex - Scar Kink - Oral Fixation - Blow Jobs - Hand Jobs - Very minor drug reference
Word Count: 4463
Author/Artist Notes: carpemermaidtales thank you so much for your prompt, and for being so lovely when I got in touch about where my mind had taken me.. Come for the semi-public sex stay for the oral fixation and scar kink!
shiftylinguini is the best beta and full of all encouragement and wonderful advice - so grateful for your time and help and laughs and flails. Any remaining errors are mine alone.
Thank you so much to the mods - I really appreciate all your work and time!

Read on the aO3 here 

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Title: Belt It Out
Author: LJ: ladyofsd; DW and Tumblr: ladyofsilverdawn; AO3: ladyofsilverdawn (ladyofSD)
Kink Showcased: Belt Fetish
Rating: NC-17
Character: Harry Potter
Art Medium: Digital Painting
Author Notes: A little treat for you myfirstisfourth. ♥

Summary: Harry knows how to keep himself on the edge.

View it on AO3.

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Title: Only You.
Author: Tumblr= @snortinglaughter, AO3= Snortinglaughter.
Prompt Number: #S266.
Kink Showcased: Back dimples.
Rating: R
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Teddy Lupin/James Sirius Potter
Summary: Teddy and James have been fooling around for some weeks, nothing serious, just a casual fling; at least that’s what Teddy wants to think.
Content/Warnings: Jealousy, Possessive!Teddy, Praise, Rimming, Fingering, Masturbation, Light Bondage.
Word Count: 7,356
Author Notes: My second prompt for @hpkinkfest!! I saw this wasn't claimed and I just had to, thank you so much to @restlessandordinary and @illumineepanda for being such wonderful betas! And also @goldentruth813 for prompting such an awesome kink. I loved writing this so I hope you all enjoy!

Link to fic on AO3: Only You
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Title: You Make it Hurt So Good
Author/Artist: bangybaby
Prompt Number: #S11 by @bixgirl1
Kink Showcased: Daddy+Spanking
Rating: NC-17
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Draco/Harry
Summary: “Harry,” he said, a clear warning.
“What are you going to do about it, Daddy?”

Draco is in a bad mood. Harry knows just how to draw him out.
Content/Warnings: Dirty talk, Anal fingering, sex toys, punishment
Word Count/Art Medium: 1.9K
Author/Artist Notes: @bixgirl1 thanks you for this prompt because I Love It. Shout out to my alpha Helen, and my beta KimG. And ofc the mods that made this possible.

Read on AO3
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Title: The Deal

Author: [personal profile] musyc | [ profile] musyc

Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger

Kink: Roleplay

Rating: NC17

Word Count: @2300

Content/Warnings: Roleplay interruptus, fantasy misuse of authority

Summary: "Are you all right, then? Do you need to stop?"

He thought for a moment, then grinned at her. "Not especially. But if you're willing, we can just skip the interrogation and go straight to the bargain."

Author/Artist Notes: I've been way low on writing for the past couple of years, but I couldn't resist supporting an HP kink festival on Dreamwidth. So nice to see fandom active here.

Here on AO3.
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Title: You Make it Hurt So Good
Author/Artist: bangybaby
Prompt Number: #S11 by @bixgirl1
Kink Showcased: Daddy+Spanking
Rating: NC-17
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Draco/Harry
Summary: “Harry,” he said, a clear warning.
“What are you going to do about it, Daddy?”

Draco is in a bad mood. Harry knows just how to draw him out.
Content/Warnings: Dirty talk, Anal fingering, sex toys, punishment
Word Count/Art Medium: 1.9K
Author/Artist Notes: @bixgirl1 thanks you for this prompt because I Love It. Shout out to my alpha Helen, and my beta KimG. And ofc the mods that made this possible.

Read on AO3
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Title: Sleep
Author/Artist: [personal profile] luminousgloom / luminousgloom (DW) / @theluminousgloom (tumblr) / LuminousGloom (AO3)
Pairing: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Kink: Consensual somnophilia
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Summary: Sirius tries something to help Remus take the edge off.
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Word Count: 1870
Author Notes: thank you the mods for running this fest! and big love to BastardSirius, NachoDiablo, and ShaggyDogsTail for your sage input!

Link to the fic on AO3: Sleep


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