Feb. 1st, 2017

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Hi folks. As you know, we have a collection for Kinkfest on Archive of Our Own which can be found HERE. We already have a couple of pieces loaded into the collection for those of you who are speedy with your stories and art. However, this year we're going to ask that people wanting to post to Archive of Our Own wait until their date of posting to do so. If we have pre-posts the collection has to be set to 'unrevealed' otherwise your fanwork will appear in Tumblr notifications and tag searches when you post it, before it goes 'live' at Kinkfest. If people post to AO3 on their posting date, we can keep collection settings so that your work can be seen immediately without the moderators taking any steps to 'reveal' the work.

Our other concern with pre-posts is due to the volume of participants (YAY) we have this year and no idea when people plan to post during each day, we might not be in a position to 'reveal' your work on AO3 (something which only moderators can do) as we might be asleep, on work computers, not able to access the internet etc. On that basis, particularly for those of you wanting to host your work exclusively on AO3 with a header and link to the AO3 post on Livejournal, we think posting everything on your posting date is the best, although we do understand it's nice to have things all lined up and ready to go.

For those who have already added works to the collection, they are currently marked as unrevealed. We should be able to manage revealing those on your posting date as there's only a couple, so you don't need to do anything else.

Any queries, let me know!


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