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Title: Head over Heels
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Artist: [ profile] shiftylinguini
Prompt Number: S94
Kink Showcased: Footjob, semi-public sex
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: Bloody Malfoy. Always turning up when he’s not wanted, making Harry notice things he doesn’t want to notice… like Malfoy’s new tattoo.
Warnings: mild foot and ankle fetish, semi-public sex, footjob, tattoo, pining
Word Count: ~6300
Author's Notes: Thank you to my lovely betas, [ profile] lq_traintracks and [ profile] shiftylinguini for licking this into shape for me. Many thanks to the mods for hosting this marvellous kinky playground for us. And thank you most of all to my brilliant collaborator, Guini, for her patience and enthusiasm, and for taking the time to create so many glorious pieces of artwork. I'm in love with the way she's drawn them. ♥
I also wanted to let dear [ profile] capitu know that I was thinking of her a lot when I wrote this. That might be evident in one or two places, heh.
Artist’s Notes: Omg, I was so excited when the lovely Birds asked if I fancied a collab (um, yes!!) and even MORE excited when footjobs came into the mix! My adoration for a fine pair of ankles (unf) is matched only by my appreciation for a good bit of semi-public, partially clothed kink (jshdjahj!!).
Big, throbbing thanks to Birds for being so amazingly fun to drool over ankles with, for encouraging me and beta-ing my sketches, and for writing such a toe-curlingly hot fic ― I am thrilled to be able to add some art to it! <333

Head Over Heels on AO3

Head Over Heels on LJ )
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Title: All Manner of Sorts
Author: [ profile] ladyofsd
Prompt Number: MG49 submitted by [ profile] ladyofsd
Kink Showcased: bottom!Harry
Rating: NC-17
Main Pairing: Harry Potter/Theodore Nott/Draco Malfoy/Blaise Zabini
Side Pairing(s): Pansy Parkinson/Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley; Fred Weasley/George Weasley/Millicent Bulstrode; various others
Warnings/Content: Slash/Het mentioned, including some mild twincest and/or femslash; Eighth-year AU; Humour, Foursome M/M/M/M, Anal Sex, Blowjob, Deepthroating, Rimming, Double Penetration, Hot Kissing, Pining!Draco
Word Count: ~6900
Author's Notes: [ profile] myfirstisfourth, hugs for the beta, and thank you mods for planning and hosting this kinkalicious fest.

Summary: Fred and George nicked the Sorting Hat and cast a spell on it so that it would sort based on best possible shag. Harry is staggered when the hat places him in the same group as Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott, and Blaise Zabini.

AO3 Link

All Manner of Sorts )
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Title: A Dared Ride
Author: [ profile] k_lynne317
Prompt Number: AMG23 submitted by [ profile] remarkable1
Kink Showcased: Sex in a moving Gringotts cart
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Hermione/Bill
Summary: He really should have known better than to dare her.
Warnings/kink: sexual content, age difference, language, public!sex, partially clothed sex
Word Count: ~1500 
Author's Notes: This was my first time ever participating in the HP Kinkfest and I didn’t even claim a prompt until this weekend! The mods were kind enough to allow me to participate. To the wonderful prompter, remarkable1, thank you so much for submitting this delicious kink. I hope I did your prompt justice. To Jamie, [ profile] meiri_fics, and Alex, SweetTale4U, thankyou both so much for your quick help in looking over this for any errors. If there are any more errors, they are my own. I used one Arabic term for Bill: Ya Hayati (يا حياتي) means My Life/My Love and is pronounced: YA HA-YA-TEE.

A Dared Ride )
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Title: Our Mutual Friend, Richard
Author: [ profile] agirlnamedtruth
Prompt Number: #76 submitted by [ profile] rzzmg
Kink Showcased: Mutual Masturbation
Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): Ron/Harry (mostly platonic), Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny and discussion of other backgound canon relationships.
Summary: What started off an accident, soon becomes the one constant thread throughout their friendship.
Warnings/Content Notes: Underage sexuality/masturbation (age 14 onwards), exhibitionism and some friendly fire.
Word Count: ~9k
Author's Notes: Starts during The Goblet of Fire, Epilogue compliant. My apologies for missing the posting date, this one demanded to become a monster (seriously there were about a million other scenes begging to be written for this that I had to forgo). Thank you to [ profile] rzzmg for giving me a new ship and a new kink, I tried to keep them as non-touchy as I could which was a little bit of a challenge, I have to say! Additional thanks to [ profile] weekendgothgirl for reading it through for me at every stage. Any remaining mistakes are my own.
Available on AO3 here (optional): Chaptered or Non-Chaptered

Our Mutual Friend, Richard )
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Title: In the Unexpected Places
Author: [ profile] nixied
Prompt Number: #278 submitted by [ profile] writcraft
Kink Showcased: Caning
Rating: R
Pairings: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Summary: The world had a way of throwing Potter at Severus no matter how much he wished otherwise.
Warnings: Dubcon, not SSC complaint kink, restraint.
Word Count: ~6.5K
Author’s Notes: Last year I wrote about 500 words of plot and 5000 of porn, this year I evidently went with something different. Or, the honest truth, it was the fastest I could get them to take their pants off. Unfortunately the optional prompt failed to loop in. Hopefully I’ve kept Severus IC. Any issues with SPaG are my fault, I edited heavily after my beta was through with it.
Mods, could I get a caning tag please?

…it’s still technically not midnight in America even if it is where I am… Sorry! Work and html took forever

In the Unexpected Places )
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Title: An Idiot's Guide to Crossing the Road
Author: [ profile] who_la_hoop
Prompt Number: #266 submitted by [ profile] birdsofshore (Snape really likes Muggle lollipop ladies. Consequently he spends a lot of time crossing the road.)
Kink Showcased: Uniform kink (lollipop person/crossing guard)
Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Harry/Draco/Snape
Summary: Snape can't really be alive . . . can he? But why is someone with his face lurking about around a certain lollipop lady? When Harry and Draco discover the truth, it's possible their lives will never be the same again.
Content Notes/Warnings: EWE. Live!Snape (being dead puts a crimp on your sex life, after all). H/D established relationship. Sort of public sex. Threesome. Unattractive uniforms. Mild spanking. Wanking. Blow jobs. Bad jokes.
Word Count: ~10,000
Author's Notes: I am not quite sure what genre this fic is. It's a bit cracky. But also a bit dirty. So, er, dirt-crack! Or crack-dirt, if you prefer. Either way, the blame for this can firmly be placed with Mr Birds, who prompted this in jest. Though maybe a teensy-weensy bit of the blame can be appointed to [ profile] birdsofshore, for not disciplining her man firmly enough. Let them both serve as the Awful Example – never prompt anything unless you actually want to read it :D
PS. I have modified the pairing, to suit the 'plot', so apologies to anyone who was looking forward to Snape shagging a Muggle lollipop lady, you'll have to put up with the multiple cocks instead.
PPS. THIS is a lollipop lady outfit . . .

An Idiot's Guide to Crossing the Road – Part 1 of 2 )
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Title: Draco Malfoy's Big Surprise
Author: [ profile] faithwood
My own prompt: Library sex.
Kink Showcased: Object penetration.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, Unidentified Conjured Object/Draco
Summary: This is a story about Draco Malfoy innocently sitting in the library, studying. And then unexpected ConjuredObject!penetration happens. So, basically, it's a classic 'whodunit' sort of plot.
Content Notes/Warnings: Surprise object penetration. The object is obviously conjured by someone, so consent is problematic. But Draco has a good time. Also, porno movie type title. But I guess it's too late to warn for that. >.>
Word Count: ~3,800
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers. No copyright infringement intended.
Author's Notes: A huge thank you to my betas, [ profile] marguerite_26 and [ profile] dysonrules. And Maggie, you're a lifesaver! ♥_♥

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Title: An Education
Author: [ profile] nixied
Prompt Number: #35 submitted by [ profile] nursedarry
Kink Showcased: Dirty Talk, clinical
Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): Charlie Weasley/Harry Potter
Summary: Harry’s never had “The Talk”, and after a careful process of elimination he’s left with Charlie… things don’t exactly go as planned.
Content Notes/Warnings: First time sex, embarrassment, multiple orgasms, rutting, prostate play, fingering, anal sex, bit of orgasm denial, medical terms, bad humour, my overly flowery way of writing.
Word Count: ~6600ish
Author's Notes: If I had to have a forte in writing, dialogue would definitely not be it, but I’ve given it the old college try. I’ve been deliberately ambiguous about Harry’s age, so he can be as old as you like. I hope it ticks at least some of your boxes. Also with regards to the muscles, it’s not exhaustive, but I figured Charlie might know a few having been a seeker and a dragon keeper. Edited since my mate gave it a thorough going over, all errors remaining are mine.

Growing up with the family he had, Harry hadn’t had much of an education in the things all young men and women should know, and he’s heard enough gossip to know that he really needed to fill in the blanks… )
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Title: Life Lessons
Author: [ profile] mypetelephant
Prompt Number: 130 submitted by[ profile] thusspakekate
Kink Showcased: Tribadism/Scissoring
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Fleur/Pansy
Summary: Life lessons...or how Pansy learned to stop worrying and hump the right blond.
Content/Warnings: femslash; implied underage het sex; explicit of-age fingering, cunnilingus, and scissoring
Word Count: 11,728
Author's Notes: Massive thanks to [ profile] thusspakekate for both coming up with the prompt and being a very patient and helpful beta. And the summary was inspired by Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. It seemed to best encapsulate the story.

I should also thank Cosmo magazine for existing. What it lacks in useful advice, it makes up for by providing a basis for this fic. All references to advice from Cosmo are either inspired by their articles or taken straight from their pages. Underwear scrunchies...they really suggest that.

A note about the timeline: I used the timeline from the movie to decide when Draco gets turned into a ferret.

Life Lessons-Part One )
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Title: Working Hard
Author: [ profile] blossomdreams
My own prompt: Lysander likes to keep a plug in Lorcan to remind him throughout the day what is waiting for him at night. Lorcan likes it too, it was his idea.
Kink Showcased: Plugs
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Lorcan/Lysander Scamander
Summary: Due to their busy schedules Lorcan and Lysander find some time to spend with each other.
Content Notes/Warnings: Plugs, dirty talk, light d/s, twincest, wall!sex, office!sex, and talks of fingering
Word Count: 2,253
Author's Notes: I didn't expect this to grow to this length, but it did and I'm quite happy about it. It's my first fic for the fest and I'm quite happy about it! Hope you all are too. Thanks to anyone if I mentioned it. Got it in time. Thanks for letting me be in the fest and I hope you enjoy it! Mods can I get a pairing tag for them and one for plugs or is that for toys. Thank you!

Read more... )
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Title: Really, really naked.
Author: [ profile] sara_holmes
Prompt Number: 453 submitted by [ profile] geneva2010
Kink Showcased: ‘Acomoclitic’ – an acomoclitic is defined as a person who has a preference for hairless genitals .
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: Draco didn’t know that there was more than one definition for the word ‘naked.’
Content Notes/Warnings: The kink says it all.
Word Count: 3,400
Authors note This was a fun kink to explore, very specific but interesting because of that. Thank you to [ profile] skriftlig for the beta help :) (Mods - can I get some appropriate kink tags? I appear to have hit a gap in the market.)

Really, really, naked. )

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Title: Sex in Greenhouse #2
Artist: [ profile] ginny_lv_harry
Prompt Number: > 299 submitted by anon
Kink Showcased: Greenhouse sex
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Neville/Luna
Summary: The shy, but confident Luna needs asstance from Neville's plants in Greenhouse #2.
Content Notes/Warnings: Bondage, public-sex, sex-magic, plants used as sex toys
Medium: Graphite Pencils and Drawig Paper
Artist's Notes: I hope you enjoy-I beg for your forgiveness if you don't. No plants where harmed in the process, they thought it was kinky, actually. I understand they were there for a long time. Poor Neville!!!

Full image under here -warning image heavy )
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Title: Be My Baby
Author: [ profile] thepretender501
Prompt Number: #234 submitted by [ profile] deathjunke
Kink Showcased: Daddy Kink
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Charlie/Draco
Summary: You know how to tame dragons don’t you, daddy?
Warnings: Chan play, drunk!sex with the associated consent issues.
Word Count: ~3069
Author's Notes: Endless thanks to [ profile] treacle_tartlet for basically holding my hand on this from start to finish and to [ profile] forsanethaec for pointing out the not so obvious and the obvious. Thanks [ profile] skriftlig for helping me iron out the kinks near the end. Special thanks to [ profile] hd2o  group, especially [ profile] talekayler , [ profile] kitty_fic , and [ profile] curiouslyfic for their support. [ profile] deathjunke thanks for the prompt! Um, this is dirty and wrong and I’m going to hell for writing it but it was loads of fun. Hope you enjoy!

Mods, could I get a cw/dm tag please? And a daddy kink tag? :)  Thanks!


Be My Baby )
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Title: Accessories
Author: [ profile] purrylovebird17
Prompt number: #41 submitted by [ profile] catbirdfish
Kink showcased: Fisting
Rating: M+/NC-17
Pairing: Charlie/Harry/Draco
Summary: When Charlie comes home after a long day at work, he didn't expect his two favourite men to be there waiting for him. Especially not the way that they were waiting...
Warnings: fisting, light D/s, dirty talk, certain fetishes that really aren’t too bad, but would give whatever plot there is away and a threesome
Wordcount: 3,000
A/N: Dedicated to my beta [ profile] cinnamonselkie, because she stayed up half the night to help me, had to deal with my insane ramblings and knew exactly what was needed to add something to the story!!!

Accessories )
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Title: A Perfect Match
Author: [ profile] eevilalice
Prompt Number: 175 submitted by [ profile] geewhiz
Kink Showcased: ejaculate, come (and self-cest in equal measure)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Draco/Draco
Summary: Draco can't understand why he's alone. Perhaps it's because no one can love him quite like...he can.
Warnings: Self-cest, slash, fingering, rimming, light D/s, come play, dirty talk (language in general), bit of spanking, facial, snowballing, bit of orgasm denial, and...wanking/mutual masturbation.
Word Count: 3,978
Author's Notes: Due to the requested pairing (which I embraced wholeheartedly), self-cest is as equally featured as the requested kink, but I DID try to keep the main kink in mind. I hope it's messy enough for you, [ profile] geewhiz! This was quite a challenge to write, and I applaud anyone who's ever attempted writing self-cest. It makes pronoun issues with regular slash seem like a walk in the park! Special thanks to the folks at Magic Words hosted by [ profile] kurage_no_hone for their encouragement this past week!

A Perfect Match )

**Mods, I need a "dm/dm" tag. Also, there's a tag for the "come play" kink, but this is a little different (though it includes some come play). Can I have an "ejaculate" or "come" tag or perhaps the "come play" tag could be modified?**
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Title: The Big Reveal
Author: [ profile] nursedarry
Prompt Number: #231, submitted by [ profile] originofcheese
Kink Showcased: Love bites, optional supplementary prompt: Love bites worn with pride (in public), as a sign of ownership. Prefer Draco to be the bearer of said love bites subtle D/s dynamic is a bonus.
Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco (other pairings mentioned)
Summary: A silly school game can say a lot about a person. Or a couple of people, really. AU, sixth year – yeah, it’s legal here.
Warnings: The smut in this is pretty much completely gratuitous. Wait, does that count as a warning? A little D/s-y, maybe, but not really; more angry than D/s.
Word Count: ~4,500
Author's Notes: Many thanks to my talented betas, [ profile] delphipsmith and [ profile] groolover. Cheerleading and ”What the hell were you trying to say when you wrote THAT?” kindly asked by [ profile] treacle_tartlet and [ profile] cassie_black12. As it appears I was channelling the boys as the lovely [ profile] marguerite_26 likes them, this is dedicated to her. Also, I should probably apologise for the almost complete lack of plot.

The Big Reveal )
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Title: High School Lover
Author: skinnieminnie27
Prompt Number: 181 submitted by geewhiz
Kink Showcased: Clumsiness
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Draco/Hermione
Summary: Awkward touches and non-choreographed sex. No Slytherin Sex God here.
Warnings: language, clumsy sex.
Word Count: 2814
Author's Notes: I wanted to write a first-time that felt real. Complete with awkward moments and dumb racing thoughts, so this is riddled with both. i only hope i did the prompt justice

Read more... )
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Title: Ferreus Rememdium
Author: [ profile] marguerite_26
My own prompt: Draco getting inappropriately aroused during a medical exam
Kink Showcased: Examination Room/Doctor Kink
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: Draco swallows his pride and visits a specialist for his very intimate problem.
Warnings: total crack, total porn, possibly squicky if you have issues with: unprofessional!healer moments and ailments of the penis turned sexy.
Word Count: 5k
Author's Notes:Thank you to my betas: [ profile] faithwood, [ profile] libby_drew, [ profile] sesheta_66 and to [ profile] potteresque_ire for checking my medical jargon.

I'm dedicating this fic to [ profile] vaysh11 who is always there for me when I need her, whether it's fixing the disaster that is my sentence structure or getting me out of a very serious mess. ♥sU

Ferreus Rememdium  )


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