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Title: Heartbeats
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] shiftylinguini
Prompt Number: #s31 submitted by [livejournal.com profile] gracerene
Kink Showcased: Bloodplay
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Summary: Draco is a vampire. Harry likes it when Draco bites him. It’s not the most conventional relationship, but that’s never really been Harry’s thing, and in the end, the things they do in the dark are no one’s business but theirs.
Warnings: Bloodplay, vampire!Draco, biting, blood sucking/drinking, anatomical depiction of blood/veins.
Word Count: 313
Medium: Pencil.
Notes: Gosh, I loved this prompt. Reading Anne Rice under the covers is pretty much my slash origin story, so indulging this kink was a real treat for me. I hope I sort of did it justice. Big wet thanks to CC for the help, and to the mods for letting me join the party late.

(click art to view full size)


Harry likes it when Draco bites him.

Like, really likes it.

Teeth at his jaw — kiss, nip, sting — then the stutter and thud of his heart, that glorious pull in his chest, the answering throb in his dick.

Yeah. Harry fucking loves it.

9 months back, Draco got himself turned by some vampiric asshole on a routine Auror stakeout that went pretty massively wrong. If you’d asked Harry then what that event would bring to their relationship, ‘mind-blowingly intimate sex and the occasional dizzy spell’ would not have been his answer. It’s certainly not the one anyone else is particularly keen to hear. But, whatever. Here he is, and here they are. He’s oddly never been happier.

Draco's hands are cold and strong, and perfect, as the pads of his fingers rest against the soft hollow of Harry’s jaw. He counts his pulse, makes sure he doesn’t go too far, doesn’t take too much. He never has, but Harry knows he could. He could suck him dry in a heartbeat, and the dangling threat of possibility turns him on almost as much as the rough slide of Draco’s tongue against the tiny, aching wounds in his neck.

That surprised him at first, but Harry thinks it kind of makes sense. Figures that he’d go right past flirting with danger to outright fucking it. He’s a bit reckless like that.

Besides. He knows he’s in safe hands. Mostly.

Draco is always especially sappy afterwards. His cheeks are warm and flushed with blood —my blood, Harry thinks giddily — as he mumbles tender, drunken nonsense into Harry’s skin like he can’t help himself, dropping coppery kisses onto his eyelids as he fucks him into the mattress.

Harry’s never more in love with him than in those moments, so much so he feels light-headed with it. Or maybe that’s the blood loss. Sixty/forty, probably.

Either way. Harry likes it when Draco bites him.

He fucking loves it.

Mods, is there a vampire tag? <3

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